Posted on Jul 2, 2020

Bob's Handyman & Repair

As we've worked this business for many "internet" years now, and highlighted with the fact that many more are at home now, we find ourselves sending a ton of business to Amazon, helping customers to prep for our visit with the RIGHT products, easy delivery and best prices. We're always supplied with all the tapes, nuts, bolts and bits, but customer purchases are often frames, fans, bathroom exhaust fans, lighting, sinks and beyond. With Prime its shipped directly to you often the next day for free. We love Amazon prime and they love us! We recommend preferred products on a regular basis because we KNOW how well they work and make for easy install with reduced issues. After 20+ years in this profession, BHRs definitely got favorites. We built a google site specifically designed to help you pare down considerations and eliminate confusion for your home improvements and repairs. Please check out Please consider using our links for ALL your Amazon purchases. Same pricing for you, but in all disclosure, it helps us earn a few nickels to weather the lulls in our business... but helps our clients zoom in on best products as well. You'll also find other nice home and garden decor, artisan works and helpful products for your family. Thanks for supporting us there OR simply CLICK the link below and start your AMAZON shopping now! You can also support their smile program at the same time. Love the win-win-win!
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